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One Night Stand

Join me Sunday morning in Old Town Temecula. I will be selling my art and donating a nightstand for the auction.


Live painting tonight

Join us for Music and Live painting at LongShadow Ranch Winery. Oct. 18.

Depeche Mode cover band with Heyday Records.

Temecula recycling is looking for donations of ornaments made from recycled materials. Help spread the message of sustainability and recycling.
Ornament flyer

Jane Laskin

Public Relations

Temecula Recycling


Student sells artwork

It is always so rewarding as a teacher when a student sells a work of art. I think I may get as excited as the artist or the buyer together. I taught several private classes out of state this summer, and a student sold a beautiful piece created from his first wash he did in our color wash workshop. It was sold through Etsy and was shipped off this morning to another country.

Art Expressions- A great Event


I had such an amazing time at my Art Expressions Class last night.  Every single work of art not only turned out beautiful but each had a unique personality that added so much self expression to the work.  Art and yummy cupcakes and making money for the Fallbrook community and Food Pantry was just an incredible combination, add a dozen fabulous women to the mix and I had one of the best nights of my life.  Thank you Lila for having me be a part of this wonderful event!

Sienna’s Commission

Sienna’s family told me she was named after the most beautiful city in the world, not the ugyly color, which made me laugh. Sienna’s grandmother stopped by my Catalina Art Festival booth and loved my paintings. She felt they already looked like her granddaughter. I offered to do a commission if she had a photo. She only had a photo from a few years ago, so I had to do a age progression on it. She was thrilled with the results. I did two at Catalina and I will be posting the other soon. I have two more to work on, plus a painting commission for a beautiful couple in Laguna Beach.

Watercolor Commission

Watercolor Commission

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