Portraits of Imaginary Friends and Other Impulses

The Little Apple Thief

ImageI About a year ago I painted Simple Solutions, the wicked witch of Snow White Legend getting her brilliant idea of how to get rid of her little problem.  This painting came about when I was pondering good and evil and how most of us are more in the grey area.  I may do a lot of volunteer work myself, but I use gas to get me there, knowing that lives hang in the balance as well as the environment.  Even simple things like painting require heavy metals to be mixed and trees to be cut down.  None of us can be completely good and cause no harm, although some people are certainly better at it than others.  Here is the little hero of her own story.  She has completely stripped a tree of all the apples, leaving none to share with her animal friends.  Perhaps this tree was the favorite of her step mother.  Perhaps it was the first in a series of selfish, maybe even naughty deeds.  Perhaps the queen was a bit justified and the little brat had it coming. She certainly doesn’t look very innocent.  Well at least no more innocent than you; no more innocent than I.  She is painted in watercolor on Fabriano paper.  Framed under glass.  $300.  Unframed, shipped in a tube or flat for $260.



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