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Desert Arts Show This Coming Weekend

Desert Arts Show This Coming Weekend

Join me at Frances Stevens Park this weekend for the Palm Springs Desert Art Show.

Links for my ebay auctions

Here are the links for the three works of art now listed on ebay with an opening bid of 99 cents each.





Thank you Shannon for suggesting I post the links, I hope they work.

Art Auctions listed on Ebay

I have listed one small watercolor and one charcoal sketch on ebay.

Click here to visit the auction http://www.ebay.com/usr/katinkabelleart

Ebay Dollar Sale



In the past I have had tried several online forums for selling my art, from having my own online store, to Etsy, to Fine Arts America, and Ebay.  Ebay was not only the easiest for me but also the most successful.  One thing I found though is you have to be consistent.  Posting a painting ever few months might work ok, but having a work or two constantly up, and another set to go when one closes seems to help a lot.  That way people who like your work can follow you and see new works. 

I have an online friend who I met because she was also selling her art on ebay.  She was been much better at being consistent and when a work of hers goes up the bidding wars begin.  I was lucky enough to get a few of her paintings before the rest of the world knew about her.  Her name is Kim Keek and we had some of her paintings in Brazen Arts Gallery last year. 

I have decided to commit to three months of ebay art listings starting at $1 each. On top of that every time an artworks bids go over $20 I will list an additional work starting at one buck.   I will do my best to list at least one thing a week.  I will be listing things that will ship in the smaller USPS flat rate boxes or envelopes to keep the postage costs down as well, so shipping will be only $6.  Included in what I will be selling will be sketches, 5×7 watercolors, tiny canvas paintings and some trading card paintings.  I love the idea of art being affordable and being able to offer something at every price level. 

I will try to put up the listings on my facebook page as well as here but if you don’t want to miss any you should follow me on ebay. My ID is katinkabelleart.


Bird Brained

Bird Brained

Framed watercolor


Stinking cute suitcase table

Made to display my merchandise at Artbeat on Main st.



Suitcase table display


Show with my figures?


Usually at my Festival type art shows I show my girls exclusively.  I have been painting them a while and are very recognizable as my art.  Many people don’t even realize I do other styles.  My figures have been well received when hung at galleries or displayed elsewhere including online.  I have never really considered doing a full festival show of them because I never seem to have more than 4 or 5 of them around at one time.  I can go months between painting them, and I also sell them fairly well so they don’t seem to stick around long term. The problem with doing festival shows is they are not always the right market for my girls.  It could be the figures would be a better match for some of the more general fine art shows.  I have never tried to get into a Juried Festival Show with them.  There is an new Fine Art Festival coming to Long Beach and I have decided to apply with strictly my figures.  I will let you know how that goes.


Chubby Dancer

8×10 acrylic on clay board, framed   $70

How to buy a Katinkabelle Bag


I have had several inquiries on how to buy these fun bags.  You can either purchase them at Artbeat on Main St in Vista or you can order them directly from me by email at katinkabelle@gmail.com.

Small Messenger $55. Adjustable strap (7.5″Lx2.5″Wx7.5″ H) (pictured to the left with Wistful Whimsey)

Shoulder Bag $65. Two classic shoulder straps. (pictured center with Hope)

Medium Messenger $65 10″x2.5″w 10″h. (pictured to the left with My Migraine)

Large Messenger $90 14″x12″ (not shown)

.There is a $12 shipping fee for any bag and about a month processing time.


Katinkabelle Hand bags

Hand bags

These handbags will be available at Artbeat on Main St. in Vista.

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