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Drunk Bunnies, just on time for Easter?

Drunk Bunnies, just on time for Easter?

Drunk Bunnies $50 each.

Art reception tonight at Artbeat


Join us at Artbeat on Main St. In Vista tonight at 5:30. Free event with refreshments.

Drunk Bunnies


I now have several tipsy bunnies available at my online store. Just $50 each.



Color Wash Class

Color Wash Class

This is an example of the color wash technique that I will be teaching at ArtBeat in April.


My New Online Store

My New Online Store

Take a peek at my new online store, I just have a few works up but it looks like a great site.  They offer free online stores for artists, set yours up today, or just shop at mine.


New Workshop at Artbeat

New Workshop at Artbeat

Katinkabelle Keychains at ArtBeat on Main St.


So excited that I got these keychains in.  They will be at Artbeat by Tuesday.

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