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Color wash workshop

This is what my own demo from my color wash workshop yesterday turned out as. Join me for the next one at Artbeat this summer.




Framed canvas panel.


11×14 acrylic on Canvas


Full studio day of color washes

Today I spent about 12 hours in the studio working on about 15 paintings at once. Several I have been working on days or weeks and some I just started today. Some will take a few more days and I think about three are ready for me to move on to the next step. Some may be returned to the gesso and start over pile. My body aches and I am tired but I feel like I have done good work today and will be excited to return to the studio with fresh eyes.



Awesome new lighters at Artbeat on Main st.




My artwork will be flying out to Bloomington, Indiana for the Summer. It will be displayed at Max’s.  Which is an entertainment venue, gallery and bistro.  Shout out to Tim King for sharing my artwork with the owners!  I will be sending them my bistro series, full of tasty color washed calimari, coffee, and sweets.

Avenue of the Arts

I will be exhibiting my Artwork at Fallbrooks Avenue of the Arts during the Avocado Festival on Sunday April 13. Hope you come by and visit me!



Upcoming Colorwash and Texture workshop


Fallbrook Avenue of the Arts


I will be selling at Fallbrook’s Festival of the Arts this year, this time in the arts only venue of the Avenue of the Arts.  Its a section set up with handmade original local art, art demos, music and interactive art projects.  April 13th 9am-5pm 

I will be selling Avocado themed artwork and a selection of my shadow people and doll paintings plus my Fallbrook Avocado Art Cards.



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