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Loving the Mike Snow art Retreat in FranceĀ 


Mischievous Ruben

Yes, I am in Europe touring any museum or galley I can find and brought ink pencils and charcoals with me, but a favorite cousin is getting married in a couple of weeks to a charming man named Ruben and he was saying how he liked my choir boy sketches and when he asked how big they are his response was that it should be huge. So another cousin starts asking me what I would need to paint something huge and we made a trip to the art aupply and turned his kitchen into an art studio. A few days later my first huge choir boy was born named for one of the people it was painted for. They are lucky it is so big. I feel so attached to it and feel it’s one of my best paintings yet. If I could squeeze it into my suitcase they might have gotten a salad bowl from me for a wedding gift.  


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