Portraits of Imaginary Friends and Other Impulses

clownpaintingatsnowwhite katinkawithpaintingsatSnowwhite MikeSnowandKatinka painting at snow white 1 paintingatsnowwhite2 paintingatsnowwhite3

I would recommend this art retreat to anyone wanting to become more the artist they were meant to be.  Mike is a wonderful guide, the food amazing, and the whole week is inspiring.  Photos by Timothy White who teaches the Photography retreat at the same location.  For more information or to sign up visit their web site at http://www.SnowWhite.fr

Comments on: "I spent a week of intense artistic creation at the Snow White Art Retreat in France" (4)

  1. Hi – I am going to the retreat in September. I love your art – beautiful work!
    Do you have any tips or advice re travel, trains, what to bring, or not, wish you had done, etc?


    • oh wow, I am thrilled for you. What I wish I had done is skipped Bourdeax and spent a whole day or two in Bergerac. We went for a hour or so on market day, but I could have stayed there a week…maybe forever.


    • Also, you don’t need much clothes except for comfortable painting clothing, that you would wear to work at home. Stay at the Chateau if possible, its stunning! Decorated beautifully. There is a dog, if you have an allergies, but he is so friendly and the place is kept spotless. The food is truely amazing and the week really is pretty all inclusive. Ask Mike to help you with the train, he really gives great detailed instructions. I also brought a few of my favorite brushes and I am glad I did, even though he had many, it was great to have my favorites. Bring a play list of your favorite music and some headphones.


      • Thanks so much! I am so looking forward to the experience. I’ll be staying at Domaine de queyessie which looks charming. And I am doing a week in Paris before the retreat.


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