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New Energy

steampunkcouple FandC

I have recently sold several works of art that have been sitting in my studio quite a while and just the movement of energy have made room for these new creations.  Love seems to have wandered into my studio today and taken a walk onto my canvas.  Two couples gracing colorful backgrounds that have been waiting for inspiration.  There is also a very serious woman who is taking form too coming out of a a field of yellow orchre, and another two canvases that say they are about ready to host their figures as well.  It’s a magical day in my studio.

Your new artwork or my new canvases

Every now and then I get a little obsession that leads me to compulsively paint in a subject or style for a while that is a different direction than my usually work.  This is a good thing I feel.  I don’t like to feel restricted, but more it keeps me exploring different techniques and medias and subjects; it keeps me playing.  Very often I will learn something that i then incorporate into my work, something that becomes part of my style, influencing my future art.  In this way, playing with my art helps my art evolve.  Those who follow my art would say these works are still recognizably mine.  My landscapes will not match many sofas, if I paint an egg, its a might feel like the egg is a bit aggressive. A colleagu, who I am not sure really loves my art, remarked yesterday,  that my art no matter what else always moves him.

But I have a stack of paintings of tangerines, and older paintings of big eye girls I no longer display, my choir boy sketches, my Catalina series, my pub series, and many that don’t fall into any other catagory that I would just not display at galleries at this point.  I have plenty of big eyes, and more current portraitists and my bunnies and silhouettes to keep the gallery walls full for a long long time.  I am going to clearance out my less expensive older works and anything that doesn’t fit into what I would currently show at any of the galleries.  I will be having a sale on etsy.  I will list them on facebook as I go, but I am thinking of a deep clearance, selling most of them for about $40 plus shipping or less.  If they don’t sell within a short time I will simply plaint over them and save myself the money of a new canvas.  So it will be in fact a going going gone sale.  So keep your eye out.  Follow me on Etsy. My store there is https://www.etsy.com/shop/KatinkabelleArt

I am having so much fun

I have been painting these small 11×14 portraits and having so much fun, each one representing a hue with full saturation.11899927_10153476346355280_5468396208690582877_n11902238_10153478353885280_992403028028536439_n11951296_10153495026075280_5708602254960443778_n

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