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A hard day at play 

I intend to frame these together with reclaimed wood. 

A bit tipsy 

Painted in Saussignac, South France, at the Snow White retreat.  

Saussignac Painting Retreat

Here I am in the lovely tiny village of Saussignac at the Snow White Art Retreat (the artists in residence are Mike Snow and Timothy White). In truth although I am sleeping in a castle and surrounded by tranquil landscape I could be pretty much anywhere. We are in the studio about 9 hours a day and around the table with incredible homemade meals, served at a relaxing pace with plenty of conversation, for another four or five. By the time dinner is done night has fallen and it’s usually after 10. I bath, read a bit, and suddenly the chapel bells are waking me for class. There has been no time to wander the countryside. To be fair, as lovely as it is, I haven’t longed to. Instead it’s hard to leave my canvases to sit for a rest or even to eat. If Timothy didn’t make some of the best meals I have eaten I might find it harder still to leave my canvas.

 I am not sure my work is showing it but I feel I am growing. Not sure learning is the right word although that is part of it. Intensely becoming more the artist I am destined to be. 

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