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Every now and again a special work of art insists I get creative and make my own frame. I am not great with numbers so I measure over and over again, before I start and as I go along. This frame too me quite a while but I am thrilled with the results, the frame is definitely part of the art. Here are some photos of the process as well.  This painting will be at Artbeat on Main Street in Vista in the front window starting this Friday. 

A little book review 

A while ago a friend got me a journal I really loved and I recently got a small book by the same written Austin Kleon. I recommend this book “Steal Like an Artist” with 10 things nobody told you about being creative for anyone who wants to live their life a bit more creatively, not only professional art types.  You don’t even have to like reading to read it. It’s full of chapters you can read in the carpool line or waiting at the doctors office or even one pages you can read pumping gas. It’s full of fun advice and little simple life lessons you can take or leave but that really seem to make sense. One chapter on creativity being subtraction really resonated with the lessons I got from a fine arts workshop I took from a master artist in the south of France. It’s a delightful read that just might make you hungry to start reading again 

On teaching 

Asked today by an instructor in another subject, if I felt I inspired my students every class. My answer was a confident yes. I may not inspire each student to become a great artist or a professional artist, but I do hope I inspire each child and adult that take my classes to express themselves a little more, to be a bit more fearless, to play, to have some fun, to learn something or try something new or simply to look at something in a new way. As far as I am concerned my job is to somehow share my excitement about creating art with my students and reminding them they already have the permission to express themselves, and hopefully when they leave a little touch of that goes with them into their day and throughout their life. 

Artist Outing

As an artist sometimes I think it’s important to get out of the studio and away from other responsibilities and let my mind rest. Taking a little walk in urban nature, watching the curious way reflections act on water, sometimes seeming equal in measure to their models. Sometimes stretching. In the photo the reflections seem small but having not moved from where they were take. With the naked eye they feel like they stretch all the way across, nearly covering the lake. How much of it is just a trick or the mind.

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