Portraits of Imaginary Friends and Other Impulses


I am happy to announce my artwork has been accepted to be sold on wearable art at shopvida.com.  Vida works with artist and makers to get fine art onto lovely fabric into the hands of customers to make them feel fabulous.  My friend and mentor Caroline Jasper sells her paintings on scarves and shirts through them and I couldn’t help but buy a few of her scarves when I saw them.  When I received them after many weeks, (each are custom made so it isn’t a quick process) I was thrilled.  The color was brilliant, just like her paintings, and the fabric was soft, and the modal fabric was light and airy enough to even wear most the year in Southern California, where I live.  $40 which seemed steep at first suddenly seemed like a bargain.  I spoke to Caroline and read the website and found the artist only recieve 10% of the sale but don’t need to buy or carry any inventory.  My friend  found it was worth it, if only to be able to buy her own artwork on these lovely fabrics for herself.   I know  also, people are often asking me for my art on Tshirts, and I just can’t afford to carry the inventory.  This is the perfect solution.  All that I needed to do was find a huge chuck of my life where I could dedicated many days to setting up the products.  Suddenly I found I was in luck.  I recently I had surgery and I am on mandatory bed rest.  I could spend the entire day watching Netflix or I could finally take the time set up my shopvida store.  Sorry Netflix.

Click here to see my ShopVida Shop

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