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Oil over acrylics 

Started adding a overplay of oil paint to some of my acrylic paintings and I am loving the results. 

Scarf Made from tiny Paintings 

 A customer sent me this above photo of the scarf she has ordered from my shopvida collection and I am so happy with the way it turned out. I wish I could afford to own each one of my scarves myself. Each one of these tiny paintings are featured in the scarf and the paintings are currently available at Artbeat on Sab Diego. 

Oil over Acyrlic 

After plenty of research I learned I could put oil color over an acrylic under painting. My goal was the glowing luminosity of oil without losing some of my signature washes I love. Here is a large painting I started years ago, now with a oil painting top layer. 

Wisdom for Burridge 

I have taken a few workshops from the artist Robert Burridge and I highly recommend him. One of the things that has stayed with me is if you have to ask yourself the question the answer is probably yes. I kept walking by this painting and it felt unfinished, and I kept thinking “do I need to keep working on it” and I let it sit on my hallway until the right question came up, and when I had asked myself enough times if I needed highlights in the eyes and I heard Bob’s voice in my head enough times I put the painting back up on my easel and finished it. Thanks Bob. I will put a link to his webpage on my Links page but you can always just google him too. He has an awesome monthly video newsletter you can get for free! 

Experimentation and Play

the-empathI often will have a few different collections, and a couple different styles that I am painting in at one time, and my art is always evolving.  I believe the main reason for that is because I can’t resist exploring, and love to ask myself “what if?” with my art.  Not only do I like to take workshops and learn new techniques, but I love to just take my materials and try something new and just “see what happens”.  Sometimes its a disaster, but that’s ok, paintings are just like relationships, you can learn from that bad ones too. Sometimes art is a struggle, many paintings go through a struggle process, but there is twice as much play time as stuggle.  Play often leads to messes that need to be cleaned up later, but as is often the case with children’s play it can lead to learning something new.

“Hey, I think you have the proportions wrong”- why I do that…


Many years ago a friend shared a magazine article with me, it was about artist with migraines.  The article found that most artist that suffered chronic migraines often painted people with one very large hand and one small hand, or one large eye, and one small eye, before that I hadn’t given much thought to it.  I knew I painted portraits with very large eyes, and SOMETIMES they had one very large eye, and one very small eye.  It wasn’t until that moment, thinking back that I realized that it was very true, most of my paintings with very uneven eyes were done with a migraine.  When you have a migraine it actually feels to me like one of my own eyes is HUGE and the other is very tiny.

I also can remember reading once a long time ago that its better to have a disporportion of features that arrests the eye, than a perfect symetry that they eyes slide right off of.  I have noticed this in life.  I love lips that are a little too full, eyes where one is a bit too high or big, large ears, a crocked nose, I think that is what makes someone look interesting, which is more important to me that pretty.  I think its what can make someone look stunning.  I have taken that value into my artwork.  I don’t care if my paintings look pretty, but I do care if they are interesting to me.  I think of that when making choices about the portrait I am painting, perhaps I take it to far for some.  I don’t know that I have yet taken it far enough for myself yet.

Artist Stories


Thinking about my artist story…every artist has one…every artist has many..there is the story of when we started creating, maybe in with a favorite teacher, or with a grandmother, maybe there is the story about how we almost gave up, but didn’t…There is the story we tell ourselves, the story we tell a stranger who wanders by while we are painting something they don’t expect us to be painting by the sea shore, there is the story we tell a gallery owner while seeking representation.  Some artists aren’t sure what their story is, they just know they can’t help but create.  Every work of art has a story, every artist has a story.  I am going to start sharing my different stories here on my blog, and maybe I will try to share the stories of individual paintings a little too, but sometimes I don’t know their stories…sometimes I have to wait for someone else to tell me the story of my painting..thats happens to be one of my artist stories I will tell you.

Clothes from Vida

Here are some of the custom items from my Vida Collection at Shopvida.com search Katinka. I LOVE them. Monica scarf and Tiffany top (on Sherri)  above and The Toast sleeveless top below. 

My idea of a perfect vacation


Perfect weather, plenty of time to paint- here is my work in process as I paint along the coast in San Diego. 

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