Portraits of Imaginary Friends and Other Impulses

Artist Stories


Thinking about my artist story…every artist has one…every artist has many..there is the story of when we started creating, maybe in with a favorite teacher, or with a grandmother, maybe there is the story about how we almost gave up, but didn’t…There is the story we tell ourselves, the story we tell a stranger who wanders by while we are painting something they don’t expect us to be painting by the sea shore, there is the story we tell a gallery owner while seeking representation.  Some artists aren’t sure what their story is, they just know they can’t help but create.  Every work of art has a story, every artist has a story.  I am going to start sharing my different stories here on my blog, and maybe I will try to share the stories of individual paintings a little too, but sometimes I don’t know their stories…sometimes I have to wait for someone else to tell me the story of my painting..thats happens to be one of my artist stories I will tell you.

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