Portraits of Imaginary Friends and Other Impulses


Many years ago a friend shared a magazine article with me, it was about artist with migraines.  The article found that most artist that suffered chronic migraines often painted people with one very large hand and one small hand, or one large eye, and one small eye, before that I hadn’t given much thought to it.  I knew I painted portraits with very large eyes, and SOMETIMES they had one very large eye, and one very small eye.  It wasn’t until that moment, thinking back that I realized that it was very true, most of my paintings with very uneven eyes were done with a migraine.  When you have a migraine it actually feels to me like one of my own eyes is HUGE and the other is very tiny.

I also can remember reading once a long time ago that its better to have a disporportion of features that arrests the eye, than a perfect symetry that they eyes slide right off of.  I have noticed this in life.  I love lips that are a little too full, eyes where one is a bit too high or big, large ears, a crocked nose, I think that is what makes someone look interesting, which is more important to me that pretty.  I think its what can make someone look stunning.  I have taken that value into my artwork.  I don’t care if my paintings look pretty, but I do care if they are interesting to me.  I think of that when making choices about the portrait I am painting, perhaps I take it to far for some.  I don’t know that I have yet taken it far enough for myself yet.

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