Portraits of Imaginary Friends and Other Impulses

Experimentation and Play

the-empathI often will have a few different collections, and a couple different styles that I am painting in at one time, and my art is always evolving.  I believe the main reason for that is because I can’t resist exploring, and love to ask myself “what if?” with my art.  Not only do I like to take workshops and learn new techniques, but I love to just take my materials and try something new and just “see what happens”.  Sometimes its a disaster, but that’s ok, paintings are just like relationships, you can learn from that bad ones too. Sometimes art is a struggle, many paintings go through a struggle process, but there is twice as much play time as stuggle.  Play often leads to messes that need to be cleaned up later, but as is often the case with children’s play it can lead to learning something new.

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