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Excusive Version of Katinkabelle Book

My Kickstarter has one more week to go and its already over 100% minimum funding.  My backers get an exculsive offer to get an exclusive deluxe version of my book at less than cost! This version will be similar to a graphic novel format with excellent quality printing. A trade paperback version, which is still quite nice, will be eventually be available at galleries and online for around $30.

I am working obsessively on the book now, finding it hard to think about anything else, and I am thrilled with the way its coming together.  I hope others will find it as amusing as I do.Reubenchiorboy.jpgA Katinkabelle Artbook Kickstarter

Halfway Through My Kickstarter Challenge.

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I am excited about all the suport I am getting through Kickstarter, from my friends, art collectors, and strangers.  I am also excited to see how my book is already coming together.  I already have several pages finished, and its very cool to see it becoming real.

The importance of humanity 

I recently had a buyer for this painting but it wasn’t quite done. You see it’s missing the figure, so I wasn’t ready to sell it. The buyer loved it as is. Then I saw it very clearly. The figure was the viewer looking at the scene. I suppose that is how it is with all art, the viewer is part of it, but I have never felt it so much before. My art doesn’t feel finished without a person; art can not be complete without a viewer. 


Never give up


A Katinkabelle Artbook Kickstarter

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Real Beauty, Acrylic on Canvas, $240

I am so excited about my book featuring my portraits of imaginary friends.  You can purchase your reserved copy on Kickstarter in advance!

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