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My Darling Wolf on Darling Charlotte

Here is Charlotte modeling my new T-shirt.  T-shirt available on Amazon here My Darling Wolf Tee


Big Eyed Art on T’s Through Amazon

Grey Matter Tee


100% Gray Matter ~ (There is also an id and a smidgen of ego in there, too)


My Darling Wolf T-Shirt Now on Amazon

My Darling Wolf T-Shirt

After waiting a couple of months my first T-shirt is now live up for sale on Amazon.  While   on a girlfriend vacation in early December, I spent most of it working on my book while my  life long bestie designed her t-shirts.  She has been suggesting I create some for a while.  She not only helped me with font and formatting with the book, but she also took the time to teach me basic T-shirt design.  My first design was her choice, and its a bit her personality, some may even say it looks a little like her.

mydarlingwolfpostersize copy

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