Portraits of Imaginary Friends and Other Impulses

About Commissions

I get asked all the time if I do commissions and that is a tricky question so if this is the place to start if you are interested in a commission from me.

This would probably work better if I drew a graph, and I will someday but I will ask some questions, and if you get through the questions, and still want to talk about a commission then I would love to talk about it with you.

Have you looked at my artwork and like what you see?  If so then you may still want a commission from me, keep reading.

Do you have a photo of your much loved grandmother, dog, or grandchild and would like a flattering photo realistic painting of that loved being to honor them?  I am sure I would absolutely disappoint you with my paintings, its simply not my style or what I excel in, I can however refer you to some excellent artists who specialize in this sort of thing, but expect to pay between $800 and $4000+ for their services, depending on the artist and work requested.

Have you seen a work of mine you love that has sold and you want something with a similar feel, or similar colors, theme, and style?  That I can do.


Watercolor Portrait, of Jamie, Private Collection, San Diego, CA

Have you seen something in a gallery done by another artist, but you don’t like the price tag and you want someone to reproduce it cheaper?  Sorry, that I can’t do.

Have you seen an abstract of mine you like but you would like it in a different color scheme or size?  This is somewhat possible, but it will never be an exact duplicate.  What you will get is something in a similar style and theme, in a color scheme more suited to you at the size you request.  These are works of art and I must insist on some freedom of design and some room for the muse to roam, but I will listen to you and do my best to meet your wishes for the art work.  These tend to be easier for me to do in my abstract figurals.  These non representationals start at $200


Commission, Acrylic on Wood

Do you want a portrait in my style understanding the features will be intentionally distorted to show the beauty in the disproportion and imperfect?  These are perhaps the most difficult for me and you.  Most people get portraits expecting balanced beautiful features and I find beauty in exaggeration or color, line, and form.  I stress when doing a portrait because I anticipate the disappointment.   Because of the time and nature of these the smallest size I do is a 16×20 Acrylic starting at $500 with $200 down, none refundable, (see below) or a 9×12 unframed watercolor on paper for $200, with a $50 deposit, (see above).  (as you can see my watercolor style is a bit more big eyed doll like).


Steve,acylic on Display at Art of Vista

Landscapes- Please look at my landscapes to see my specific style.  I can work from your photo.  $200+ depending on size.


Casino in Mars Violet- Acrylic on Canvas $125.

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