Portraits of Imaginary Friends and Other Impulses


Katinka is an artist and educator from Southern California, most well-known for her expressive acrylic portraits of whimsical women.  Their deep eyes offer windows into their almost palpable personalities.   Katinka exhibits her signature ladies at art festivals throughout southern California, including the prestigious Catalina Island Arts Festival.  Galleries she has shown at include LA’s Platypus Gallery, San Diego’s Thumbprint Gallery, and Fallbrook’s Brandon Gallery.

Katinka’s abstract paintings show the conceptual influence and color theory of her mentors Robert Burridge and Caroline Jasper and her first art instructor, Don May.  A former glass artist, Katinka has enjoyed making everything from ornate jewelry to colorful kaleidoscopes.  Her 2009 installation Medusa Bloom garnered critical acclaim for using reclaimed packaging to draw attention to environmental pollution.  Katinka crocheted jellyfish from plastic bags collected by families over a period of several months, highlighting both the amount of trash we throw out, and the potential for such trash to create objects of beauty.

Katinka’s rich history of volunteer and community work continue in her art, including donating several pieces to help fund the building of the Phoenix Children’s Hospital, help with at-risk teens in Los Angeles, and support Dorland Arts Colony.  As a teacher at Bigfoot Arts School in Temecula, she encourages children and teens to express themselves, using art to find their own unique voices.  Motivated by a strong belief in art as a healing practice, Katinka works with therapists in the teaching group Soul Expressions Art Classes.

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  1. Hi – I just nominated you for two awards – The Sisterhood of the World – and the WordPress Family Blog awards.



  2. […] who signs her work Tink, teaches children and adults in a variety of classes, local events, and workshops. You can see so […]


  3. […] who signs her work Tink, teaches children and adults in a variety of classes, local events, and workshops. You can see so […]


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