Longing for a long train ride...


Frans Hals

I actually don’t sketch or draw much; it’s not my thing. But drawing seems natural when I am traveling.  I travel with a few ink pens, often brown instead of black, and a tiny set of watercolors that fit into a recycled Altoid tin. I like to use markers instead of pencil to commit to my whimsical lines/ These were done on my last trip to Europe, which seems so long ago. I think mostly in France and Spain, but they were inspired by two art exhibits I saw in Haarlem, the Netherlands.  The Frans Hall Museum was full of his work and work inspired by him and neck fluffs, or giant clown like collars were everywhere.  The other exhibit that really influenced these sketches were Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘grotesque’ sketches, that were featured in a Da Vinci show at the Teyler’s Museum.  I loved his character sketches featuring exaggerated features like large noses, lopsidedness, and what some would consider rather ugly distorted faces.  I could relate.  I know I could easily get out a marker and start sketching at home, but I have plenty of work to paint, lesson plans to create, and I like to save these for those special, exciting along times while traveling. They are some of my favorite works, although I never think of selling them, they are more like a diary.  I hope to get back to them soon.

 Soutine on a trainclown