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A few little watercolors


I occasionally paint small unframed works and sell them at reasonable prices because I like the idea of art being for everyone.  It gives me an opportunity to explore a different media for a while or a different subject matter.  You may remember my “Little People” paintings, or maybe you have a few of my “Still Life with Tangerines”, or some pencil sketches of big eyed girls that I have returned to over the years.  Sometimes I explore something completely new, this is both fun, and often a learning experience.  Landscapes and still lifes are not “my thing”, yet I have somehow painted dozens, scores, who knows, maybe hundreds, over the decades.  People always say they can tell what is my work, and it doesn’t matter if its acrylic, mixed media, oil, watercolor, my signature portraits or a stormy sky, or a bowl of jalapeños, or a single giant nose.  Maybe it’s obvious its my art  because there isn’t one defining thing about my style, except that it is usually colorful, not very traditional and a bit of fun, and sometimes people don’t know what to make of it.  Kinda, just like me.

These recent works are all watercolor on paper.  Most have a unwinged figure flying through the sky, or walking through a desert, another signature in many of my landscapes the last few years.  They are all small 6×9 at the largest. I will be putting them on my etsy page over the next few days and you can find them there, each under $45.


Watercolor Workshop Starting Soon


My Watercolor Class will be starting soon through the city of Temecula.  It will be slightly untraditional, (like me) a focusing on color and self expression.  Participants will explore both abstract and representational art exploring watercolor medium in a playful way.   I invite anyone interested to sign up through the city of Temecula online at Temeculaca.gov. for $30, plus a $20 Material fee in the class.

Back to the old


IMG_3084Well I am back to wordpress, to a webpage in blog form, Shopify was very expensive and didn’t work for me, as I still sold much more art pretty much everywhere else than from the actual website.  It will take me a wee bit to get this one up to date so bear with me and I will make sure the links are all undated and I get some new art up.  I am currently touring Europe now, and will be featuring that on my other blog, Painting in the Shadows of the Paris Bohemians.  For now here is a storm cloud I painted in Palm Desert about a year ago.

Faking Fabulous Tee


I have found many ways to stay creative and make some money while not feeling my best.  One of those ways is I design t-shirts.  I have created a few where I express living with chronic illness.  Here is one of them.  If you have any interest in purchasing them they are on Amazon and you can find them by searching Katinkabelle Tees.  You can also see my art website by googling http://www.katinkabelle.com.

My Darling Wolf on Darling Charlotte

Here is Charlotte modeling my new T-shirt.  T-shirt available on Amazon here My Darling Wolf Tee


Big Eyed Art on T’s Through Amazon

Grey Matter Tee


100% Gray Matter ~ (There is also an id and a smidgen of ego in there, too)


My Darling Wolf T-Shirt Now on Amazon

My Darling Wolf T-Shirt

After waiting a couple of months my first T-shirt is now live up for sale on Amazon.  While   on a girlfriend vacation in early December, I spent most of it working on my book while my  life long bestie designed her t-shirts.  She has been suggesting I create some for a while.  She not only helped me with font and formatting with the book, but she also took the time to teach me basic T-shirt design.  My first design was her choice, and its a bit her personality, some may even say it looks a little like her.

mydarlingwolfpostersize copy

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