Spectrum Portraits of Imaginary Friends and Storyteller Abstracts

Grey Matter Tee


100% Gray Matter ~ (There is also an id and a smidgen of ego in there, too)



My Darling Wolf T-Shirt

After waiting a couple of months my first T-shirt is now live up for sale on Amazon.  While   on a girlfriend vacation in early December, I spent most of it working on my book while my  life long bestie designed her t-shirts.  She has been suggesting I create some for a while.  She not only helped me with font and formatting with the book, but she also took the time to teach me basic T-shirt design.  My first design was her choice, and its a bit her personality, some may even say it looks a little like her.

mydarlingwolfpostersize copy

Book…Deadline in Sight

I just now finished writing the final creative content of the book. That means all the internal pages are done. I still have the cover to finish and the editing to complete.

The editing and proof reading process is already weeks in, but its a much bigger job than I had realized. Thank goodness I am getting a lot of help. I have a friend who has turned sitting beside me, point out my grammar errors, and there are many (but even more run on sentences, see what I am doing here?), into her full time job!

With a little luck and a lot of determination we hope to have it all edited on time to get it to printing in a few weeks. Fingers crossed.

For those of you who have given your support and asked how my book is going? It’s a full time creative endeavor, I am really happy with the results so far, and It’s going great! Thank you for asking!

For that family member who asked how my “little project that he hadn’t bothered to open the link for” was. It’s going great, thanks for asking…


Linda likes Manhattan, Mixed media on Canvas $650

Hard at work 

I have been obsessively working on my book for the last two months or so now. I had a few set backs with my computer dying and such but I am pushing ahead and hopefully still on track for a February publishing. It just might be late February and this is with zero distractions. (So don’t distract me). I am really happy with how it’s turning out. It is just a wee bit more work. (Like a thousand times more work). Wish me luck and I will see you when I come up for air again soon. This is a photo of how I take a break to eat. 

My Kickstarter has one more week to go and its already over 100% minimum funding.  My backers get an exculsive offer to get an exclusive deluxe version of my book at less than cost! This version will be similar to a graphic novel format with excellent quality printing. A trade paperback version, which is still quite nice, will be eventually be available at galleries and online for around $30.

I am working obsessively on the book now, finding it hard to think about anything else, and I am thrilled with the way its coming together.  I hope others will find it as amusing as I do.Reubenchiorboy.jpgA Katinkabelle Artbook Kickstarter

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I am excited about all the suport I am getting through Kickstarter, from my friends, art collectors, and strangers.  I am also excited to see how my book is already coming together.  I already have several pages finished, and its very cool to see it becoming real.

The importance of humanity 

I recently had a buyer for this painting but it wasn’t quite done. You see it’s missing the figure, so I wasn’t ready to sell it. The buyer loved it as is. Then I saw it very clearly. The figure was the viewer looking at the scene. I suppose that is how it is with all art, the viewer is part of it, but I have never felt it so much before. My art doesn’t feel finished without a person; art can not be complete without a viewer. 

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