Spectrum Portraits of Imaginary Friends and Storyteller Abstracts

My Kickstarter has one more week to go and its already over 100% minimum funding.  My backers get an exculsive offer to get an exclusive deluxe version of my book at less than cost! This version will be similar to a graphic novel format with excellent quality printing. A trade paperback version, which is still quite nice, will be eventually be available at galleries and online for around $30.

I am working obsessively on the book now, finding it hard to think about anything else, and I am thrilled with the way its coming together.  I hope others will find it as amusing as I do.Reubenchiorboy.jpgA Katinkabelle Artbook Kickstarter


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I am excited about all the suport I am getting through Kickstarter, from my friends, art collectors, and strangers.  I am also excited to see how my book is already coming together.  I already have several pages finished, and its very cool to see it becoming real.

The importance of humanity 

I recently had a buyer for this painting but it wasn’t quite done. You see it’s missing the figure, so I wasn’t ready to sell it. The buyer loved it as is. Then I saw it very clearly. The figure was the viewer looking at the scene. I suppose that is how it is with all art, the viewer is part of it, but I have never felt it so much before. My art doesn’t feel finished without a person; art can not be complete without a viewer. 

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Real Beauty, Acrylic on Canvas, $240

I am so excited about my book featuring my portraits of imaginary friends.  You can purchase your reserved copy on Kickstarter in advance!

I have only been working with these tiny canvases, 5×7 and under  since I started using oils. I am loving the oils and am enjoying working small. The good news for my customers is between these and my tiny acrylics I will have plenty available at gifting prices (between $35 and $60) before the holidays. 

Sold two of these new tiny oil paintings already just from sharing them on Facebook. I hope to have a dozen or so ready for my upcoming art shows. They will be reasonably priced all under $60. So people can purchase them for holiday gifts. 

I am not a very pious girl. I have my beliefs sure, but I don’t preach, I am not into ritual and I don’t much talk about religion except in a very intellectual way. 

When it comes to some of my artwork it makes it hard for me to deny a sort of higher spirit or intellect even in the way I think about my art. This is especially true when painting my silhouettes. I often feel I just need to “get out of the way” and “let the art happen” and “become the vessel” for the “art to come through”.  I usually sit down in front of a painting with zero idea what it will be with the abstract silhouettes and hours, some days a day, days, weeks later, there is a painting there. Often I will lose many hours in my studio with no idea where the time went. When I am lucky I will also go into my studio in great pain and emerge many hours later with a good painting and no pain and very little memory of the day at all. But it’s more than lost time with magical paintings appearing. 

So often I have painting something, and I will say “oh that’s sort of pretty” and take it with me to a show, but someone at the show will stop suddenly and stare at a painting, telling me they are certain, I have painting their story.  The first few times I thought, well this is great, it’s what art should do. Then it happened 6 times, 10 times, 23…  “that is my dad…he just passed he would stand just like this…” “this is a story I never told anyone” “this was my night last night” “this is me, always alone” and so often tears. Sometimes the paintings would go home with the person. Sometimes they didn’t. I soon realized I didn’t care. Touching someone that much was more important than the sale. Maybe I am somehow tapping into something, someone painting out some message from the universe meant for someone to receive. Maybe I am only a messenger. Maybe it’s not me at all, or anything spiritual, but the stick figures themselves. We all relate to them,  they were everyone’s self portraits. They are each of us, they transcend race and class and even gender stereotypes. That doesn’t keep the act of painting them from being a sort of prayer for me. 

They are messengers of hope, of love and connection and understanding. For me there isn’t much more spiritual than that. 

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