Spectrum Portraits of Imaginary Friends and Storyteller Abstracts

Seeking Heart

Seeking Heart the Art project in book form, is in its finally stages of production and will be going to print soon.

The first people who will be getting their copy will be those who backed me on Kickstarter.  They also will be getting the book at the pre-paid rate.  As soon as it is available to the general public, I will update my website with information on where it can be purchased.

Thank you so much to my generous backers, who encouraged me to stick to my deadline by pre-purchasing the book~


• Bruce Fisher

• Diane

• My Awesome Cousin Janet

• Jeff Avella

• Claire and Tammy

• TC

• Dave Bensen

• Patrick Tetreault

• Krista Ann of  Tango Skills in San Diego

• Uncle Dan And Aunt Lynette

• Susan Moyer

• Linda Phillips

•Tomas McGreevy

•Dor Dotson

• N. Onymous

• Leslie Bouchard

• Tony Moramarco

• DJae Amidon-Brent

• Sarah Rippy

• Brenden and Traci Sparks

• Krista Wrista

• Jeff Waddleton

• Sarah Ozolins

• Steve Cotter

• Joe Gillaspie

• James D. Newman

• Haley B.

• Daniel Coleman

• Nicole

• Tiffany and Elijah Miller

• Gene from St. Louis

• Rebecca Frey

• Sean McDevitt, American Author

• Rando

And my Uncle Erny.


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