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How to buy a Katinkabelle Bag


I have had several inquiries on how to buy these fun bags.  You can either purchase them at Artbeat on Main St in Vista or you can order them directly from me by email at katinkabelle@gmail.com.

Small Messenger $55. Adjustable strap (7.5″Lx2.5″Wx7.5″ H) (pictured to the left with Wistful Whimsey)

Shoulder Bag $65. Two classic shoulder straps. (pictured center with Hope)

Medium Messenger $65 10″x2.5″w 10″h. (pictured to the left with My Migraine)

Large Messenger $90 14″x12″ (not shown)

.There is a $12 shipping fee for any bag and about a month processing time.


Katinkabelle Hand bags

Hand bags

These handbags will be available at Artbeat on Main St. in Vista.

Abundance by Kait Matthews

There is an amazing amount of satisfaction in buying a work of artwork that speaks to you.  Every now and then I see a work or an artist that just catches my attention so strongly I actually yearn to have it.   When you buy art the magic in it actually becomes part of you.  You get to experience it over and over each day.  You also become part of the process of it.  You have helped contribute to all the time, passion and work that the artist has put into it.  You are telling the artist “Yes, your art is worth it, YOU are worth it!”  This month I was very fortunate with my art sales myself.  I was able to cover an amazing workshop, and the fees for a Palm Springs Art Show, and a dinner or two for my family. 

Today while I was talking to fellow artist I couldn’t help but stare at a tiny work that had caught my eye several times before.  I found out the price and counted through the last of my earnings from my own sales.  I had just enough.  I was more than I normally would be able to afford, more than I could ask for ask a holiday gift, but a painting I knew I would work to save for, because that’s what artwork is, something worth saving up to buy.  Who knows when I would save up enough without some emergency or show needed the money, but fate had it that I didn’t have to, the money was right there, earned by my own artwork, ready to be shared with another artist following the same dream.  Image

I got this beautiful painting at Artbeat on Main St. in Vista, painted by the founder Kait Matthews.  Its a wee 1.5×3 inches oil on wood.  I am profoundly proud and honored to own it.  Your turn, go out there and buy a work of art that you love!  Make your world a bit more beautiful.

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