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Mesa Show

To sum it up simply, Mesa was not the right show for me.  I was set way off of the main strip on a far corner where they had 5 booths far away from the main show.  I am sure they did this to get people moving around, but compared to the rest of the show we just didn’t get the audience.  Also a great deal of the customers were over 60, which isn’t bad, but I am learning I need a younger, hipper market to reach my clientele.  Mesa Arts Festival was more of an Artisan or Fine Crafts festival and seemed to be over 50 percent jewelry, some of which was truly art, but then they also included mass produced hair clips (the booth right next to me).  They had four painters total, and some nice pottery.  The shows hosts were actually fabulous and helpful.  They provided coffee and snacks and security which were nice features, and I especially enjoyed the ability to set up the day prior. They asked for feedback and I know a lot of artists gave feedback on the layout.  I think this show has potential, for the right artists, and I would recommend it to jewelry artists especially, and fiber artists. I had several other artists and customers tell me I should try the Tempe show.  

I will be applying to Glitterfest and Renegade for the spring, even though both are more for fine crafts I think they market more to my target audience.  I will also be applying Desert Festival, in Palm Springs.  Wish me luck on getting into these shows, and finding the shows and galleries that fit my style so that I can reach my target audience.

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