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How to buy a Katinkabelle Bag


I have had several inquiries on how to buy these fun bags.  You can either purchase them at Artbeat on Main St in Vista or you can order them directly from me by email at katinkabelle@gmail.com.

Small Messenger $55. Adjustable strap (7.5″Lx2.5″Wx7.5″ H) (pictured to the left with Wistful Whimsey)

Shoulder Bag $65. Two classic shoulder straps. (pictured center with Hope)

Medium Messenger $65 10″x2.5″w 10″h. (pictured to the left with My Migraine)

Large Messenger $90 14″x12″ (not shown)

.There is a $12 shipping fee for any bag and about a month processing time.

Jasper workshop, Day 2

ImageImageI want to recommend Jaspers color workshop to artist of any level.  She teaches around the country from coast to coast.  Today we worked on a landscape on red grounds, which I have done before, but still learned from.  I still obviously need to work on value, but also on creating depth with simplicity.  For todays landscape we created two studies of our reference photo, for me it was a photo I took of my favorite childhood place in Arizona.  We did one value study and one color study, both meant to be discarded.  By the end of the day I was a bit frustrated with my painting but I will work on it again tomorrow after a night off.  I am very happy with my little color study and will make a point of doing this more often if not all the time.




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