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Midnight swim

This is a painting of lovers taking a midnight swim. It’s layers of acrylic on handmade paper made from newspapers. I got it framed and matted and I just love it! Painting is 8×10 in a 11×14 frame. Wired and ready to hang. $100.


The Tin Man

tin man

He has a hole where his heart should be, but he is more whole and capable than he realizes, maybe he should howl a bit at that moon.
Tin Man is acrylic on watercolor paper. about 7.5×11

New Frontiers


The end of every journey is the beginning of a new adventure.  This painting is about being at the end of one stage, and all the emotions that come with starting that new journey.  Happy New Year everyone, what will you do with yours?

New Frontiers, Acrylic on 12×12 watercolor paper.  $60 unframed. (note the right side has been cropped in about two inches in the photo, there are actually three suns above him.)


Story People

Story People

Most people think of my wide eyed wistful girls when they think of my art, but my story people are close to my heart as well. They are probably my most expressionistic, soul spurting, muse directly to canvas paintings that I do. I haven’t figured out a nice way to show them with my girls yet or I would show them more often at shows. The Earth Bistro walls hung with them for about 4 months last year. Even to myself they seem such a departure from my low brow girls, more abstractions, ideas, even the color scheme is different. My girls live in worlds of berry reds and cerulean blues, pinks, black, whites. My Story people prefer the bold oranges of Mars and the greens of Venus, bright sun yellows, Deep midnight skies.

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